Rolex Daytona 1:1
 Watch Blue Pink Platinum Engraving 7750 Movement

Rolex Daytona 1:1 Watch Blue Pink Platinum Engraving 7750 Movement

$299.00 $374.00
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2024 latest, latest, latest style, 6-digit with new crown, latest watch ⌚️, watch code, 168WF999, watch ⌚️ deduction code, 7CD, popular style, the best cost-effectiveness, detailed version matching, by the way Adjust the clock hand, adjust the clock hand, adjust the clock hand, the thickness is the same, only 12.2 thickness, the original version is the same as the new product, you are not the best, ♥️but it is better than anything else♥️♥️❤️clean\/C factory, shock release, create new A milestone, Rolex craftsmanship to create the market’s highest-end 7750 movement cosmic chronograph, high-quality product (you can watch the video) Daytona series 🎮DG1 uses an exclusive customized version of the 7750 all-in-one machine to be perfectly embedded in the case, with an unprecedented thickness of only 12.2 original thicknesses Consistent and synchronized with all timing functions of the original 4130 movement! There are many products on the market. With many years of watchmaking experience, the clean factory has been sought after by many watch lovers and regarded as the top one! A masterpiece of great concentration, welcome to appreciate it! 9⃣️Big features: 1⃣️The thickness of the clean factory 7750 movement is 12.2mm according to the latest table in 2024. The thickness of the only version 7750 on the market is consistent with the genuine product. 2⃣️Using the 7750 integrated movement, quality assurance, the quality is comparable to the 4130 movement 3⃣️The steel belt case is made of 904L fine steel imported from Germany, without fear of any institutional inspection 4⃣️The case is processed with the latest version (original 2024), and the bottom cover is updated with polishing The size of the bright surface and the curvature of the tooth edge. 5⃣️The tape buckle adopts the same foldable buckle as the original one. The tape model is easy to wear according to different groups of people. It is equipped with a pair of tape. 6⃣️The hands are upgraded again from the Buff factory. The three small seconds hands and the large second hand are all customized according to the single piece and are solid. The needle cover and needle cap are in the shape of a mushroom round head. 7⃣️Using C ceramic ring, the platinum-coated characters are upgraded to keep them from discoloration, and the font thickness is updated. 🎮 8⃣️Each of the scale nails is independently CNC carved, and the edges of each nail are hand-polished. The luminous material uses Swiss luminous powder and has no color difference with the original product. The end result is the closest to the original Glow Vision on the market. 9⃣️The protruding height of the glass is consistent with the 2024 original version, which is different from other versions on the market (flat glass, fake at first glance)! Made of fully transparent sapphire with small R oval edge vision. It can be touched by hand, and it will not scratch your hands at all. The effect is perfect and high-end. Only the 7750 version from the clean factory has the same detailed workmanship as the big factory and is consistent with the genuine product. 🔟 Make sure every watch case in Factory C is a quick-release head. Only Factory C is consistent with the original version. Make sure the details and workmanship of the original version are correct. Make sure the latest unique code of Factory C watch is 168WF999, and the button code of the watch is 7CD. Make sure it is correct. Factory C has the same soft film packaging as the original version, high-quality products, big factory quality! Welcome to reprint!



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